Budget Travel Comes With a Price.

“If you’re late, we won’t wait,” is the slogan of Easy Jet, the budget airline headquartered in Luton, near London.

It’s completely reasonable though. You can’t expect a flight to be late just because you are.

What is unreasonable, however, is having one person behind the check-in counter, as was the case on a recent day.

Yup. Just one.

What that created was nothing less than chaos. With a line wrapping around two corners, there were literally hundreds of people queuing for this one person.

Perhaps Easy Jet should stress their on-line check-in option more strongly when you purchase tickets, or at least warn of the possible pandemonium for those fliers who prefer face-to-face check-in.

Generally, arriving at the airport two hours before your flight is protocol. Some would even call that too early. When flying Easy Jest, however, that’s just a tad bit too late.

A two-hour prior arrival makes it necessary to immediately search for the “Closing Flight” line. This line is for those flights that are leaving within the next two hours.

Because standing in the general line will make you come frighteningly close to seeing how true their slogan is.

- Text by Shanae Mitchell. Image courtesy of Easy Jet.


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