The Last of the Traditional London Brewers.

"Drinking a Fuller's beer is like having a new conversation with an old friend," boasted Martin Appleby, a tour guide for Fuller's Brewery in Chiswick.

Appleby (left) said there is a different taste with each pour of a Fuller's beer, which contains no preservatives and thereby evolves up until the moment it hits your lips.

Since 1845, Fuller's has been brewing beers along the Thames and running pubs around Southeast England.

Officially listed as Fuller, Smith and Turner PLC, Fuller's is London's only remaining traditional family brewer, creating classic ales and porters, as well as a variety of new beers. They offer tours of the brewery, showing off the original Victorian equipment and a 150-year old wisteria.

Tours must be booked in advance. Fuller's operates up to 20 tours per week where knowledgeable tour guides like Appleby show you around, answering any questions along the way. Each tour lasts about 1 - 2 hours with a generous tasting at the end (provided you are over 18).

By the end of the experience, you'll likely think of Appleby as an old friend.

- Text and middle image by Lisa Aprile. Top image by Robin Tarleton. Bottom image by Leah Williams.

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